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An elderly man in Malaysia was arrested for allegedly raping a goat on Tuesday. Hulu Selangor police said the 60-year-old suspect was known to the goat’s owner, a 45-year-old woman, residing in Kampung Sungai Buaya, Serendah.

Warning: Disturbing content

According to The Sun Daily, the woman was alerted to the sick tryst after hearing the goat making strange noises at the back of her home. She went to the goat’s pen and was stunned at catching the man with his pants down and sexually assaulting the animal.

She asked the man what he was doing and the man replied that he was “Doing a project.” The man backed away from the animal, then immediately pulled up his pants and ran away.

The woman checked on her two-year-old goat and found that it had died, possibly from the sexual act forced on it. The goat owner lodged a complaint with the police prompting officers to do a search for the suspect.

Hulu Selangor police chief superintendent Arsad Kamaruddin said a police team tracked down the suspect and found him hiding under some hedge-growth in Jalan Tengah not far from the goat pen. He was arrested and will be remanded for investigation.

Arsad confirmed the suspect also has existing criminal records. Based on the goat owner’s complaint, the elderly suspect will be charged with negligence with respect to any animal and buggery with an animal under relevant sections of the Penal Code.

A team of police forensics conducted an investigation of the crime scene with the assistance of Veterinary Services Department personnel who were tasked to perform an analysis and autopsy of the dead goat.

Bestiality is not an uncommon occurence with more cases being reported involving different animals as victims of this behavior. The animals range from goats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, donkeys and horses.

In 2007 a documentary titled “Zoo” was made based on bizarre experiences with farm animals.

Since some countries previously listed bestiality as a legal sexual act, this became the working ground for a twisted group of zoophiles in Enunmclaw, Washington. One account of which was the death of aircraft engineer Kenneth Pinyan who was filmed having sex with a stallion in 2005. A friend of Pinyan, James Michael Tait was recording the said video as part of pleasure materials for his fellow zoophiles.

Pinyan later died from a damaged large intestine which led to acute peritonitis as a result of his encounter with the horse. Tait was charged with trespassing and any form of sex act with animals was immediately outlawed by the state. During the investigation, police found hundreds of hours of recorded footage of the men having sex with horses.

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