A couple of elderly folks who served the military at some point were involved in a shocking incident.

The 66-year-old woman, identified as Penelope Jackson, reportedly had enough of her husband’s abusive ways. Jackson ended up stabbing her husband on Feb. 13 even with a 999 caller trying to convince her to save her partner’s life.

The victim was identified as David Jackson who was a former Lt. Col. According to reports, the 76-year-old man managed to call 999 even after he was initially stabbed by Penelope at their home in the coastal village of Berrow.

A recording of that 999 calls was played before the Bristol crown court. David called 999 and told the operator that he had just been stabbed. The man was screaming in pain at the time.

Penelope eventually took over the call and told the operator:

“I’ve killed my husband, or tried to, because I’ve had enough.” When asked where he was, she replied: “He’s in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck.”

The call handler still tried to convince Penelope to help her husband by applying pressure on the wound or throw a towel to somehow stem the building. She refused and said she would accept any punishment resulting from her actions.

“He deserves everything he gets … I’ll accept everything that’s coming my way,” the former military administrator said.

When she was arrested, Penelope also showed no remorse and admitted that she had kept the knife under her pillow to officers.

“I know what I’ve done and, if I’ve not done it properly, I’ll be really annoyed,” she said.

The couple met each other when Penelope worked in administration and accounts in the RAF and later the army. It was in the army where she met David who worked himself up to lieutenant colonel.

Also, it was not the first time that the two argued. In December 2020, police were called to the same address as the two had a dispute over a TV remote control.


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