Sancocho de Costilla is a broth based soup, which Colombians swear by, for hangovers. Shutterstock

Ever country has its go-to dish after a crazy night. Hangovers can be an awful state of being, but luckily, most of them in Latin America come in delicious, spicy, brothy food form, so we decided to compile some of the best dishes to treat even the worst of hangovers. It might be a good idea to prep or cook some of these the day before, when you can still focus and can be trusted in the kitchen. Check these ideas out and forget about your hangover stat!

Colombia – Sancocho de Costilla: A very complete soup, Sancocho is a broth based soup that’s very easy to make. Potatoes, green bananas, yucca, corn on the cob and beef chops are put in a pot with lots of water and left to boil until the ingredients are cooked and integrated into a super flavorful concoction. It’s traditionally served with white rice and avocado. Try this recipe.

Puerto Rico – Asopao: A soupy rice dish that’s somewhat similar to gumbo. Made with chicken, shrimp or chickpeas (gandules), it is flavored with sofrito and adobo until it reaches a rich, stew-like consistency and served really hot. Recipe here.

México – Menudo: This spicy tripe dish is not for everyone, but some swear by it to cure the worst of hangovers. Perhaps it’s the guajillo chili, the pigs feet or just the combination of ingredients, but if you feel like you’ll never drink again, give it a try with this recipe!

Peru – “Leche de Tigre”: A name that stands for Tiger’s Milk comes from the opaque looking substance that comes from the juices used to marinate a ceviche (traditionally a salty, lemony, oniony mix that tastes very fresh). Often served in a mug, Peruvians add a shot of pisco and sometimes more seafood like octopus, scallops or fish. Check it out here.

Brazil – Moqueca: This fish stew from Bahía is traditionally served in a clay pot and is made with some variations of boneless fish such as shark or sword fish, coconut milk, onions, garlic, tomatoes, coriander and palm oil. Try this recipe.

Venezuela – Chupe de Gallina: Similar to Sancocho, Chupe de gallina is a broth based soup prepared with garlic, chicken, corn, potatoes, onion and sometimes milk, and cubed cheese. The dairy part is optional. After letting the soup cook in water, the potatoes and chicken are cut in small cubes and the reincorporated to the soup for a delicious result. Check it out here.

Chile – Caldillo de Congrío: A simple fisherman's stew made with red conger eel, onion, garlic, paprika, finely chopped tomatoes, fish stock and white wine. It is sometimes topped with sour cream and parsley too. Try this recipe.

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