Every single celebration deserves a scrumptious cake, so why not celebrate National Cake Day in style with the most delicious Latin American cake recipes we can think of? The other great excuse to start baking is the holiday season; no table is complete without a fancy cake for the grand finale. No question about it, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so turn on the oven and let’s get ready to bake these traditional cakes: from a moist Tres Leches cake to a luscious Torta Negra… Enjoy!

Tres Leches Cake: Like its name says it, this cakes distinctive moisture comes from three different types of milk; condensed, evaporated and half-and-half. Get the recipe here

Torta Negra: This cake could be described as Colombia’s version of a fruitcake and it’s traditionally present in every celebration. Most often it’s made with prunes, papaya, raisins and figs, plus cinnamon molasses and other ingredients like rum. Check out the recipe here

Pionono: The rolled up sponge cake has many different names all over the world; in Spain and Central America it is ‘brazo gitano’ and in other places of South America it is called enrollado. This cake can also be filled with whipped cream, dulce de leche, chocolate or jam. Here’s a delicious recipe.

"Pastel Imposible" or Chocoflán: It’s called pastel imposible because the layer of chocolate cake and the layer of flan are poured in separately and they stay that way throughout the baking process only to come out perfectly divided in a delicious sticky two-layered cake. You can do it!

“Bien Me Sabe”: Its name literally translates to “it tastes good” and it really does. This Venezuelan coconut delight is the perfect, luscious ending to any meal. Check it out.

“Postre Chajá” or Peach Meringue Cake: This amazing Uruguayan dessert consists in layers of moist sponge cake, crushed merengue, peaches and cream! Who could ask for anything more? Check the recipe out. 

Pastel de Elote (Corn Cake): It could be the Latin American version of sponge cake. This dessert is moist and hearty and not too sweet; just perfect! Here's how to make it.