A 71-year-old Texas man lost his life on Monday after being brutally mauled by a group of seven pit bulls close to his house.

Around 1:30 pm local time, seven pit bulls with mixed-breed offspring attacked Freddy Garcia while walking to a convenience store in the 4300 block of Mark Terrace Lane in the Fresno neighborhood of Fort Bend County.

Responders transported Garcia to Memorial Hermann Hospital via Life Flight. Still, later that day, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said the 71-year-old man died from his injuries.

According to the sheriff Eric Fagan of Fort Bend County (via ABC News), the Texas man was not interacting with the dogs.

Jorge Garcia, the victim's brother, said his brother virtually always walked to a convenience shop near his Fresno home.

Jorge claimed that although they frequently saw the dogs outside, no issues occurred. He mentioned that following the incident, a bystander dialed 911, and an ambulance arrived to pick up his brother.

"He was in bad shape. They tried to save him. Somebody was driving by and the saw what was happening and called 911," Jorge told Houston Chronicle.

Jorge observed that the animals belonged to a neighbor of his brother. Fagan said in a press conference that four dogs were captured after the fatal mauling.

Ivon Fajardo, Garcia's granddaughter, said he was a person who made a lot of people happy.

"He was youthful. He was full of life. He liked to dance. He liked to sing. He was really joyful," Fajardo said in Spanish per ABC13. "We would get together on the weekend and enjoy each other's company. Now, that he's not here. It's not going to be the same."

Animal control officers reportedly took custody of the final three dogs involved in the fatal attack on Tuesday afternoon. Authorities are currently looking for the owners of the canines and investigating the event. They might be charged with a crime if discovered.

A 2005 law holds dog owners accountable if their animals cause injury to anyone. Therefore, if found guilty, the owners might be charged with a second-degree felony, which carries a maximum 20-year jail term with a $10,000 fine.

Brian Middleton, the district attorney for Fort Bend County, issued a warning to dog owners, saying they are in charge of keeping their pets safe. Middleton said his office would hold them responsible if they didn't. His agency is currently considering charges against those who may be responsible for this attack.

Pitbull Image by rebekkaneumann from Pixabay

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