It’s inevitable that the current heir apparent, Prince Charles, will one day ascend the throne to replace Queen Elizabeth II. However, speculations vary as to what Camilla Parker Bowle’s royal title might be at that time.

Naturally, Prince Charles would like his wife to carry the title of queen consort when he becomes king, but he might find himself in a tricky situation if he makes that move. “CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall, should not become Queen of the country when her husband Prince Charles takes to the throne because it would spark the ‘end of the monarchy,’” wrote.

In a poll, the publication asked its readers to give their opinion on the matter. ”Should Camilla become Queen when Prince Charles takes to throne?” Express posed the question on its site.

Nearly 4,500 of the magazine’s readers participated on the poll. Unfortunately, only 25 percent or 1,143 people are okay with the idea of Camilla becoming queen. The majority or 3,201 of the respondents (around 73 percent of the total) are opposed to the idea. The remaining 2 percent of the voters were undecided.

And some of the readers’ comments are quite vicious. “Whilst I’ve come to accept Camilla as Charles’ wife, I will never accept her as Queen consort,” a respondent posted. “If Charlie makes her queen then that will be the end of the monarchy,” another reader commented.

However, a royal expert noted that the poll’s result falls within expectations. “The question of Camilla as Queen Consort, regarded now as a virtual certainty when Charles ascends to the throne, is never likely to be popular in the polls,” Richard Fitzwilliams.

Fitzwilliams likewise noted that while Camilla remains unpopular to a certain degree, there has been a marked improvement on how she is perceived by the public over the years. “Camilla’s image has also improved enormously, not only as she obviously makes him happy but by her involvement in numerous charitable activities,” the royal expert added.

And it’s, at least in part, thanks to Prince Charles’ improving his own public image. “We’ve seen that Prince Charles’ image has had an overhaul in the last decade or so, and the acceptance of his wife,” royal correspondent Caroline Frost said.

And it’s a carefully calculated image improvement as well. “People have been making some very civilized and cunning maneuvers to put Camilla in the public eye … So I would hope they would get somebody in who will say, ‘let’s just ease off the Hollywood glamor, bit more royalty,’” Frost added.

Regardless of how people might feel about Camilla being queen, there’s not much they can do about it. “The announcement that she will be Queen Consort will take place within a day of Charles ascending the throne,” explained Richard Fitzwilliams. “However in the run up to the Coronation, her suitability for the role is likely to be much debated.”

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Clarence House official handout photo of the Prince of Wales and his new bride Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle after their wedding ceremony, April 9, 2005, in Windsor, England. Hugo Burnand/Pool/Getty Images