A 77-year-old serial pervert in New York City has been repeatedly exposing himself to children, but doesn't land in prison because of New York’s lax bail reform laws, according to a report.

Since April 27, Harry Zucker has exposed himself five times, reported New York Post. He lives near a playground and often goes there to lounge and fondle in front of children.

Neighbors got fed up of this, and school administrators said that they had to hang up green netting on the fence to separate the schoolyard from his house, but it didn't really help to keep him away. A parent picking up their kid from school told police that on June 24, the pervert was seen masturbating while sitting on a bench inside of the schoolyard and “looking at children on the playground." The following day, he did the same thing while sitting on the lawn chair and facing the school.

A concerned father, who thinks Zucker should not be allowed to be near kids, said, “The current legal system is completely failing us."

Prior to these incidents, Zucker was arrested twice for masturbating in front of kids -- once in April and twice in May, but was cut loose both times because judges are mostly barred from imposing bail on the misdemeanor charges.

But according to a recent change to the law, it restored some power to judges that lets them to set bail if the defendant has an open case that involves harm to another individual. So, prosecutors requested bail on his misdemeanor, public lewdness charge in connection with the June incidents. Prosecutors asked the judge to hold him on a $20,000 insurance company bond or a $30,000 partially secured bond or $10,000 cash, but he was ordered to get a psychiatric evaluation.

During a recent hearing, Zucker claimed he had a past history of sexual abuse, and that he had problems in controlling himself. He will face the court again on Sept. 9.

In a separate case, a convicted pedophile from Derbyshire was prosecuted last month for secretly staying with a young girl and the child's mother, who is his new girlfriend, reported Derbyshire Live. But the serial pervert, David Holford-Lodge, will not be required to spend extra time in jail.

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