Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch. As she has ruled the United Kingdom for 67 years, the Queen would have had her share of crazy theories surrounding her life. Here are some of the craziest conspiracies about Queen Elizabeth II.

1. The Queen had a role in Princess Diana’s death

There are rumors about how the Queen and husband Prince Philip caused the death of former daughter-in-law Lady Diana. At the time, Diana was famously giving the royal family quite a bad press — like her divorce with the Queen’s son, Prince Charles.

People are claiming that the Queen had something to do with Diana’s tragic death in 1997, most notably Mohamed Al-Fayed, Diana’s lover Dodi Fayed’s father. He alleges that the Queen wanted to prevent an ex-royal from marrying a Muslim. Mohamed even claimed that Diana was pregnant with Dodi’s child and that the royal family was horrified by the prospect of a union with a Muslim family.

2. She is a cannibal

Conspiracy theorists claim that the Queen eats people. This story originated from a philosopher named Hubert Humdinger. He says the vitality and ability she shows at her age is unusual. “There is an immense amount of spiritual energy in human muscle. She must eat human flesh to be so vivacious,” Humdinger said.

However, admittedly, the Queen’s ancestors used human body parts like skulls for medicine production. It was a standard practice that was stopped in the eighteenth century.

Also, it turns out that Humdinger, the source of this theory, probably never even existed. Humdinger was only a creation of satire writer Adam Michael Luebke.

3. She is a shapeshifting lizard

Former BBC sports presenter and conspiracy theorist David Icke insists that global political figures like the Queen are shapeshifting alien lizards called “Annunaki” — a name borrowed from Mesopotamian mythology. He also alleges that secret societies like the Freemasons and Illuminati are composed of world royal families, high-powered businesses and political families that are descendants of hybrids between humans and lizards in the ancient times.

People all over the globe had provided him the same evidence to back up the theory, including CIA insiders. “It took the form of meeting people who tell of experiences of seeing people, often in positions of power, change from human from to a reptilian form and back again in front of their eyes,” Icke claims.

4. She is actually dead

At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the Queen was notably absent from her usual ceremonies. Some people began to assume that she might have died, but of course it’s not true. She only had a bad cold during that period. BBC tracked down the cause of the news, and it turns out the false report began after a random Twitter user heard of a media blackout concerning the death of the Queen.

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