Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch. As she has ruled the United Kingdom for 67 years, the Queen would have had her share of crazy theories surrounding her life. Here are some of the craziest conspiracies about Queen Elizabeth II.

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5. She’s a Nazi

Around 2015, a photo emerged online of the Queen raising her arm in a seemingly Nazi salute. Given her German roots, her uncle Edward VIII being a Nazi sympathizer and husband Philip’s Nazi family ties, it made way for rumors about her being a secret Nazi.

In the old photo, it’s quite difficult to tell what the Queen was actually doing with her arm. Others say that it was only of young ignorance. Some historians explain how no one knew the gravity of the situation in Europe at the time. Hitler was rising to power, but England was primarily concerned with its nationalist policies, the welfare of Britain and keeping the peace.

6. She sent a subtle pro-EU message through her clothing

In 2017, the Queen gave a speech in a royal blue outfit with a hat adorned with blue and yellow flowers. The European Union flag is in similar color with gold stars. People thought that this might be the Queen’s own way of telling her feelings about Brexit and that she is pro-EU.

Britain voted to leave the EU a year before the speech, but the outfit was only in the matter of timing. “However, as head of state, the Queen is politically neutral and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters,” ITV reported,

7. She is a satanic cult leader

Rumors emerged of the Queen being involved in the disappearance of a dozen Inuit children from Canada. Conspiracy theories have surfaced when people realized her trip to Canada was perfectly timed to the news of the missing children. Theorists believed that she and husband Prince Philip are satanic cult leaders who kidnapped the children. They then sacrificed the kids to satanic rituals where they kill them and drink their blood.

A more plausible theory for this claim is the controversial policies that the British crown administered in relation to the indigenous people. Britain was allegedly responsible for the deportation of a population of Inuit people in Quebec to the “High Arctic,” possibly “to restore the Inuit to what was considered their proper state.”

8. She’s in the Illuminati

Relating to the theory about the Queen being a shapeshifting lizard, the Illuminati conspiracy claims she is one of the world leaders who are members of the secret society. Theorists suggest that the Queen clones celebrities to help the Illuminati create a New World Order.