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An 88-year-old Army veteran from Rochdale in Greater Manchester, England, was left barely able to walk after being crushed under the wheel of his own car in his attempt to prevent a carjacker back in May.

Ronald Kenny, 88, parked his car outside a store for less than a minute with the keys still in the ignition when Ian Gibbons jumped into the driver side of the Fiesta, trying to steal the car.

Kenny was in "excruciating pain" after trying to stop Gibbons from stealing his car outside an off-license in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. He was rammed into a parked car and then crushed under the wheels of his Ford Fiesta. "I just recall feeling totally disorientated and in excruciating pain, with a number of people around me," Kenny added.

Kenny is said to have suffered 'life-changing injuries' including a fractured femur and had to undergo surgery for hip replacement. In a statement at Minshull Street Crown Court, Kenny said that he is now struggling to take care of his blind and infirm wife. The couple has been married for 63 years.

According to the police, Kenny was standing in front of the bonnet of his car as it was driven towards him, making him knock to the ground. He got to his feet once again and stood in front of the Fiesta, but Gibbons reversed and ran him over with the car a second time. "I am utterly disappointed with the actions of the male who could clearly see that I am elderly and acted with menace to steal my vehicle and drove the vehicle at, and over, me," he said.

The former soldier served in the Armed Forces for more than 30 years and was honored with the Member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth, in 1992.

Gibbons, 37, abandoned Kenny's Ford Fiesta nearby and was arrested later, according to the Greater Manchester Police.

Gibsons was stated to have attacked another man and stolen £5 ($6) when the victim put some change in his pocket following a visit to a Morrisons outlet. He was handed a suspended sentence for theft at the time. Gibbons has been jailed for 14 years after admitting intent to cause grievous bodily harm, robbery and dangerous driving.

Prosecutor Juliet Berry expressed to the court how terrible the effect of the incident was for Kenny and his wife.

Three caregivers who allegedly left an 86-year-old elderly patient out in the heat for six hours have been charged with homicide. This is a representational image. UNSPLASH