9 Latina Celebrities Supporting Hillary Clinton For President: America Ferrera, Eva Longoria And More

Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Since Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign in April 2015, many Latino celebrities have come out in support of the Democratic presidential nominee.

From America Ferrera to Gina Rodriguez, Latina celebrities are declaring #ImWithHer, hoping to see the first female president of The United States. 

On the first night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Monday, July 25, Eva Longoria explained why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton.

“I believe in the candidate who believes in all of us, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton,” she told a roaring crowd. “Hillary has spent her whole life fighting for all Americans — from healthcare reform to equal pay for women to gun safety to protecting the economy. She is the most qualified presidential candidate ever. She’s been fighting for us for decades and now it’s time we fight for her.”

Here are 9 female celebrities of Latin descent who have publicly spoken out in support of Hillary Clinton's candidacy for President of The United States. 

America Ferrera

America Ferrera joined Lena Dunham to speak in support of Hillary Clinton on the second day of the 2016 DNC.

"Hi. I'm Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably, like, a 2." "And I'm America Ferrera, and according to Donald Trump, I'm probably a rapist." "But America, you're not Mexican," Dunham pointed out. "And President Obama isn't Kenyan, Lena, but that doesn't stop Donald," Ferrera shot back. "We know what you're all thinking," Dunham told the crowd. "Why should you care what some television celebrity has to say about politics?" 

"And we feel the same way," Ferrera continued. "But he is the Republican nominee so we need to talk about it." 

Dascha Polanco

The Clinton campaign released a video in October 2015 which starred “Orange Is The New Black” actresses Uzo Aduba and Dascha Polanco who broke down why they’re throwing their support behind the Democratic candidate. “She’s been in politics since before we were born,” Polanco explained in Spanish. “She has experience. She is somebody who not only was a senator and secretary of state, but she’s also a woman, a mother and a wife.” Polanco went on to encourage viewers to get informed and vote, “because it’s necessary.”

Salma Hayek

In October 2015, the Mexican actress officially joined the “Latinos for Clinton” initiative. HayekBeast praised Clinton’s “grace” and potential in an interview with The Daily  “She is levelheaded. She is kind. She has a heart. She’s human. She’s smart. But nothing brings her down. They’ve been trying to put this woman down for 30 years. She’s indestructible. She gets up with grace. And she gets things done with grace — not bullying.”

Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez believes that if anyone is ready and qualified to become the next president of the United States, it’s Hillary Clinton. “I’m with her because of her positions,” Perez shared in a video interview with NBC.

“Her positions on immigration reform. Her positions on education, in college tuition reform; I am with her for equal pay for women, for a higher minimum wage, and the list can go on and on and on.” 

“I am with her because she has the record. She was secretary of state. She was a senator. She was First Lady. She is a woman. She is a mother. And she is a grandmother. And she has the empathy to understand what people who do not have what they should have in this country are going through,” Perez shared. 

Demi Lovato

Lovato has worked to rally young voters behind Clinton during the primary and on Monday night she reaffirmed her support for Clinton before the DNC crowd where she performed her hit song "Confident."

In addition, Lovato, 23, gave a speech in support of Hillary Clinton and was met with supportive applause when she discussed the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Lovato, who previously supported Clinton at an Iowa rally in January, has done her best to raise awareness about mental health issues by speaking publicly about her own struggles and continues to stay on her sober lifestyle. 

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez joined Lena Dunham and more than a dozen other female celebrities to endorse Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in a video released February 2016.

She's fighting for immigration reform, and fighting to keep our families together," Rodriguez says in the video.

Dunham released the video on her Facebook fan page, along with a message that said "#ImWithHer. 

Michelle Rodriguez

In March 2016, Michelle Rodriguez shared her intention to vote for Clinton on Instagram. She is quoted as having said that, “[first] time vote” is going to Clinton because “she’s a fighter … I like that virtue over everything else. So, I’m taking the leap of faith in the most sane candidate out of all of ‘em. #madeforhistory. 

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria spoke out in support of Hillary Clinton while introducing New Jersey Senator Cory Booker during the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia.

Longoria called out Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall to keep immigrants out of the U.S. and for describing Mexicans as rapists and criminals. "I'm from a small town in South Texas, and if you know your history, Texas used to be part of Mexico. I'm ninth-generation American. My family never crossed a border; the border crossed us," Longoria said. 

"When Donald Trump calls us criminals and rapists, he's insulting American families. My father is not a criminal or a rapist. In fact, he's a United States veteran."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez hasn't officially thrown her support behind Hillary Clinton for president but back in April 2015 when Clinton announced her candidacy, J.Lo was quoted as saying, "I'm very excited by the news. I think it's time for a woman [president]."  

Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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Latinas Supporting Hillary Clinton
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