Actor Aarón Díaz and singer Lola Ponce not only make the hottest couple out there, but they sure know how to turn the heat up during these last days of winter (although it's technically spring). They both posed naked, covered in foam in a bathtub and Ponce share the pics on her Instagram.

There is no doubt that they are one of the most acclaimed couples in social networks and it's because of the multiple cute pictures they post, including the ones where they're with their children. We admire their bravery (but let's be honest, if we had those bodies we would be flaunting them too!) and we have to admit that we love the photos.

Recently, the actor was also involved in a controversy during his trip to Italy when he shared a photo with his daughter on a sign that read: "God is Gay."

His followers rapidly started to comment against the controversial photo. The actor answered the next day and said he even read all the comments to understand their perspective. After that he wrote:

"Good morning everyone! I woke up with messages and emails from close people talking about this photo I uploaded last night. Some people asked me to please remove it. Others were offended... so I decided to return to this photo to see it and read some of the messages that you left me," said the actor.

"There are many people I see understand this message perfectly. Some others apparently do not understand anything. To those "offended," i'll just tell you this: God is all of us," he added.

Besides his Instagram, we can also catch Díaz on the second season of "Quantico." Described as a "thrill-seeking journalist" by Heavy, Díaz made his debut in the second season premiere on September 25, 2016, and has been around for several episodes.

In 2012, he married Lola Ponce who was working with him in the telenovela "El Talisman." Together they built their family, two beautiful daughters: Erin and Regina.