Former New England Patriot and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez recently sent a letter to a hometown friend that was leaked to the gossip site TMZ. In the letter Hernandez jokes with a friend, talks about his life choices and draws images of naked girls. Under the image of a nude, big bottomed woman Hernandez wrote "Dats a bad b**ch." In his letter to an unidentified friend Hernandez is hopeful he will be out "within these next few years, to get a chance to ball again. When released, if released, I'll be ready, 'NO QUESTION.'"

The letter was dated before Thanksgiving and is just one in a chain of letters that have been leaked to the media. At the end of his recent letter Hernandez asks his friend to "Please keep private! I know you will, just sayin[g]." Despite his eagerness to get back on the field upon his release Hernandez admitted to his friend that he understands "It's always up to the jury, so ya never know!" Although he knows he could spend his life in prison for murder Hernandez told his friend that he is "truly innocent and will prove it."

As for the hardship of prison life it seems that Hernandez is not fazed by his current living arraignment. "I literally haven't been stressed out one bit...A C.O hasn't seen me in a bad mood yet and I enjoy my days,' Hernandez said. "It's not that bad, honestly." Although he seems to not be bothered by the possibility of life behind bars Hernandez does admit to his friend that "Yes, I could have made better choices with my selected few [friends], but its life. You live and learn."

Hernandez said his goal is to come out of prison "stronger, wiser and trying to come out, when I come home, way more intelligent." Hernandez was accused and arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, he also faces several other gun charges. Llyod's body was discovered about a mile from Hernandez's home. Evidence in the case against Hernandez include surveillance footage of the accused holding a gun and text messages between the victim and the former tight end. Hernandez's girlfriend has also faced charges that include lying to police and getting rid of evidence.

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