The actor, known for his appearance in several shows and movies including the popular Netflix series You, risked his life and limb to save his dog. Taking to social media, 39-year-old Travis Van Winkle shared the moments leading up to the harrowing experience in Los Angeles.

Winkle told his followers that he had been at the popular Griffith Park in Los Angeles with his dog named Karen. The two of them were enjoying a hike in the park when they were faced with wild predators.

On Instagram, Winkle posed a number of videos documenting what transpired on Sunday, Jan. 23 around 4 P.M. In one of the videos, he narrated what occurred. He shared that he was hiking with his dog and throwing her some bark to play with. The dog had wandered a distance away downhill from him when he spotted the coyotes.

There were reportedly two coyotes that had been stalking the dog and its owner. When the dog was far from the owner the coyotes tried to attack the dog. Winkle shared that one of the animals got extremely close to the dog and he was worried that Karen was bit by the animal.

As soon as he realized that his dog was at risk, Winkle rushed down the slope towards the animals. He said that he shouted to scare the wild animals away. The actor was able to successfully reach his pet before the coyotes managed to bite it, People reported.

Winkle also shared a video of the two coyotes walking uphill away from him after he scared them off. Focused on saving his pet, the actor rushed down the hill injuring himself. In the same post, he added pictures of his legs which were scratched up during his rescue effort.

Talking about the scary ordeal, Winkle warned other dog owners. He pointed out that he was not aware that a walk in the park could have posed such a risk to his dog and him.

The actor thanked actress Azita Ghanizada for consoling him after the incident. He was glad to point out that his dog, who is heavily featured on his social media, was unharmed.

This Coyote has been hanging around the VC for nearly a week. It seems very unconcerned about visitors and stayed nearby while I fiddled around getting my camera out before trotting off toward the office. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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