Season 4 of "Señora Acero" is coming to Telemundo starting on Monday, November 6 at 10pm/9c, taking over "El Señor de los Cielos." The hit series starring Carolina Miranda went through a retooling last year after star Blanca Soto left to pursue other project. With Season 3 dubbed "La Coyote," a new generation of "Acero" was born and the focus of the story was shifted entirely. This proved to work with viewers as ratings rose compared to the previous two seasons and helped the Spanish-language network establish another franchise. Watch the new trailer down below and tell us if you will be watching the premiere next month!

The character of Vicenta Rigores was introduced with Carolina Miranda joining the cast. Vicenta is a courageous and wild beauty who stands out in the male-dominated smuggling world as the most feared and notorious coyote on the US-Mexican border. Because she understands that the only crime most immigrants commit is having been born on the wrong side of the line dividing the two countries, she is willing to risk her own life to protect them. Vicenta hates drug traffickers that infest the border region, never suspecting that she is directly related to one of Mexico’s most powerful drug trafficking families – she is the bastard daughter of Vicente Acero (Damián Alcázar), the father of Salvador Acero (Michel Duval), the only heir, until now, of the Acero dynasty.

Luis Ernesto Franco plays Daniel Phillips, an honest and dedicated Homeland Security officer whose fairness, nobility and sense of duty put him at odds with Vicenta and her ”career” choice. Committed to defending their respective territory and notions of justice, Daniel and Vicenta are on opposite sides of the border, but gradually, come to understand the other’s point of view.

Vicenta’s first real love is Abelardo Casares, played by Adrián Di Monte, a shy young man who remains faithful to his values and principles despite being the son of the drug lord Chucho Casares. Abelardo disapproves of his father’s business and the way he treats other people. He has a good head on his shoulders, and he won’t hesitate to defend his ideals.

In addition to its lead cast, the series features a stellar supporting cast that includes Adrián Cue, Aurora Gil, Citlalli Anaya, León Peraza, Mauricio Henao, Oscar Priego, Oka Giner, Patricia Navidad, Roberto Wohlmuth, Rodrigo Guirao, Rosario Zúñiga, Susana Lozano and Shalim Ortiz.