'Señora Acero' Season 3 Telemundo
The Telemundo drama ended it's second season and it has already confirmed that a third one is underway. Telemundo

Telemundo ended Season 2 of "Señora Acero" with a shocker, the lead character played by Blanca Soto died. How is that possible? The telenovela is called "Señora Acero" and what is "Señora Acero" without the "Señora Acero" you may ask? Well, before we reveal what will happen we have news that a Season 3 has been commissioned and its underway. Roberto Stopello, head writer of the series, confirmed on Twitter following the finale. "We will see you in the third one, pum," he wrote. Then he made the biggest revelation writing: "To all of you that ask, with Sara gone, in the 3rd El Gallo and Salvador will take control of the business."

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We are sure that a Season 3 will happen, but will Blanca Soto return to play Sara Aguilar? Weeks ago we reported that there were rumors that Soto was not interested in continuing to play the character. This got us thinking that a Season 3 was on the rocks and they would not go forward. We know writers can bring back characters from the dead and Sara Aguilar can return at any time just like Mónica Robles returned on "El Señor De Los Cielos" after it was made clear she had died. It'll be interesting to see how the writers put their creativity to work and resolve this. Although this ploy reminds us of how "El Señor" ended during Season 1, when writers made it seem he died, but he didn't really and return for Season 2. Are you excited for "Señora Acero" Season 3?

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