Sara Aguilar 'Señora Acero' is captured by the DEA.
Señora Acero was extradited to the United States. Jessica Medina

Last night viewers were shocked with the "Señora Acero” finale, El Teca escapes and Sara ends up extradited to a jail in the U.S. to make matters worse Indio Amaro never died. In the finale they aired on television Sara Aguilar (Blanca Soto) gives the DEA the information they needed but not enough to keep her out of jail. She thought she was going to be betrayed by Manuel only to find out he turned himself in and took all the charges against her for himself. Manuel took blame for everything. On the other hand, El Teca escapes from jail with help from guards in jail. His destination is still unknown. A twist of events unraveled when we thought Indio Amaro was dead all along and turns out he was faking his death. Luckily, Sara sent her son Salvador away to a secret place in Colombia with her sister. What do you think about Señora Acero finale? It looks like there will be a second part to this story. Check out the last minutes of the "Señora Acero" ending down below!

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