Colombian Actress Adriana Campos and her husband Carlos Rincón have passed away in a tragic car accident Tuesday. 

According to Noticias RCN, the couple was driving southwest of Colombia's Department of Antioquia when Rincón lost control of the automobile, causing the car to fall in río Cauca in jurisdicción de Bolombolo. Both bodies were taken to Salgar, Antioquia. The telenovela actress and her businessman partner leave behind their 1-year-old baby boy. 

Adriana Campos The telenovela actress poses with her son. Facebook/@AdrianaCampos

Campos, who passed away at 36 years old, was a two-time Premios TV y Novelas nominee. She was first nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Nicol Aguilar in "Vecinos" and received a second nomination for Best Antagonist as Pricila Cardona in "Bella Calamidades." In 2010, the actress from Chaparral, Colombia, dated actor Mauricio Ochmann, whom she worked with in the popular 2007 Telemundo soap opera "Victoria." The former couple was expecting their first child together, but Campos lost the baby due to complications, reports TV y Novelas

Campos had a trajectory of 15 years, which not only included telenovelas, but also film, TV series and theater. May Adriana and Carlos rest in peace. 

Carlos Rincon, Adriana Campos Businessman Carlos Rincon and wife Adriana Campos ---a Colombian actress, have passed away November 3rd, 2015 in tragic automobile accident. Facebook/@AdrianaCampos