Polish-born Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta rarely talks about her private life, however after the scandal in which it involved her and her husband Emiliano Salinas, accused of being related to the sexual sect Nxivm, she said he has nothing to do with the case.

According to Infobae, the son of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was an intimate friend and one of the most trusted people for Keith Raniere, leader of the Nxivm sect, who is being accused of sex trafficking, fraud conspiracy, extortion, among others charges

After the painful situations, the actress of soap operas and theater confessed that "it has been a very difficult moment." As the news portal reported, Salinas did not have to attend the American courts to testify, showing that there was no evidence to involve him in the case.

The actress said that she and Salinas are "calm, happy that this has already been clarified, there is a process where there are still things to solve," adding that "it has been a hard and bitter moment for all. The most important thing is to clarify that both me and Emiliano condemn any act that denigrates any person." She also said that the motivation to get ahead after the scandal was "having my conscience calm, my children, my work. Knowing that I have nothing to hide. Everything is clear. We are good people who do not want to hurt anyone."

"They say many things, that is not true. There are many things that has being said not only about me, news that is not real. All I can say is that I am calm. I have taken this time to be with my children. The important thing is to know what one does, and we are calm," she reiterated.

Salinas, in previous weeks would have denied his participation and condemned the practices carried out by the sect. In a statement that he published on his Instagram account, he explained: "When at the beginning of 2018 an acquaintance involved in DOS told me about their experiences, I gave up and immediately cut off any contact with NXIVM, this with a deep dismay at the atrocities I heard."

The scandal did not affect the marriage, and the actress dismissed the fact that this situation had caused a crisis. "We are together, we are strong, we are fine. We have a very good relationship, which is based a lot on trust. I have never doubted him."