Ludwika Paleta gave birth to twins last month, but she had not made the official announcement. The "La Querida del Centauro" star shared a couple of photos of her babies Bárbara and Sebastián on social media and they are too adorable. Paleta reportedly had her twins in San Diego, California where her husband Emiliano Salinas was by her side. See the photos below!

Ludwika Paleta The photo that Ludwika Paleta shared of her babies. Instagram

It was not a long time ago when Ludwika confirmed she was pregnant. Paleta had only recently made public that she was expecting after rumors started from a photo she posted on Instagram that showed her pronounced belly. Days later the actress made the announcement on Instagram with a photo of herself and Salinas that had the words "guess what?". "In a couple of days, Emiliano and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage," she wrote. "We are happy about that, but also because, yes, this family is growing... and after all the rumors I decided to confirm it myself."

"We are absolutely happy," the caption read. "News so pleasant and joyous like this is not easy to keep private for a long time. Thank you to all that follow me, support me and show me all of your love. We are in the best time of our lives. We love you all and appreciate all your kindness." The note ended with Ludwika and Emiliano singing the joint statement.

Rumors of Ludwika Paleta being pregnant started when she posted a photo from the set of the Telemundo telenovela. At the time she was showing appreciation for her assistant during her time of production, but savvy social media users noticed something particular about the pic. They noticed that Paleta was sporting a baggy sweater and not only that, they also pointed out that she had a baby bump. Ludwika has always kept fit and the added weight was the signal that she was possibly expecting.