Authorities in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas in Mexico woke up to an emergency call saying soccer player Alan Pulido was missing. Apparently, Pulido was in his hometown Ciudad Victoria where he attended a party with his girlfriend on Saturday night. Pulido reportedly left around 11.30 p.m. and was later intercepted by an organized crime group who took him.

The athlete’s brother, Armando Pulido, later confirmed the terrible news to Medio Tiempo. “Alan’s kidnapping is true. He disappeared after midnight but we’re getting all the support we need from the governor to look for him. We’ll keep you posted.”

Additionally, Tamaulipas state prosecutor Ismael Quintanilla Acosta also confirmed the disappearance, saying Alan Pulido was “intercepted by an armed group of criminals” and therefore his whereabouts are unknown since that moment.

The U.S. bordering state of Tamaulipas has been plagued with organized crime for over five years now, due to an ongoing dispute between the Gulf Cartel and its former armed wing Los Zetas who have been fighting over the state since 2010. However, territories have been vaguely assigned as pertaining to each group, and authorities have indicated that the road Pulido was taken from is within in an area that “belongs” to Los Zetas.

Pulido, 25, is a forward for the Greek club Olympiacos, played with Mexico’s national team in the 2014 World Cup and is a former Tigres player as well. “We sincerely hope that this ordeal ends before long and that Alan returns home safe and sound,” Pulido’s Greek team, tweeted.

According to statistics, Ciudad Victoria has been ranked as the second-most dangerous city in the country for kidnappings, which is why authorities and locals have recommended staying off the streets after dark.

In fact, many could not believe Alan Pulido was driving through the dangerous area so late at night.

Federal and state forces have mounted a big manhunt in and outside the state of Tamaulipas, and have asked the media for their comprehension as authorities cannot provide further details on the case, as the investigation is ongoing.