Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio shown here at a WWE Smackdown promotional event, will wrestle again with Mexico's AAA on Sunday Sept. 14th after winning his legal case against the WWE. Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Famed Mexican wrestler, Alberto Del Rio, won his most important match last week and it didn’t come in the ring. The ex-WWE superstar won a court battle against the McMahon family and their giant wrestling company after Del Rio was prohibited from wrestling because of a non-compete clause in his contract.

Del Rio was a former WWE Champion, and won of wrestling’s brightest stars. Due to his Mexican heritage, he was a hit with Latino audience and pushed heavily by WWE story writers who were encouraged to write more content for the growing Hispanic population in the United States.

However, last month Del Rio was fired by the WWE after hitting an employee with the company. After the news went public, fans of Del Rio agreed with the decision. However, as more details of the incident came out, we discovered that the WWE employee had made a rude, disgusting and racist comment about Del Rio who is a proud Mexican.

Things got worse for the WWE after the incident, who according to those close to the situation, did not want to fire Del Rio. The employee in question however threatened to press charges and sue the WWE. According to the reports, the WWE was able to talk the employee out of pressing charges and told him they would handle the matter internally. Del Rio was fired and WWE President and former wrester, Triple H told him that if he kept his nose clean for a few months they would re-hire him.

The WWE has a history of firing wrestlers only to bring them back a few months later. Whether it’s because of an injury, personal matter, or built into the storyline, often times if the WWE knows they have a superstar on their hands, they will fire the wrestler only to hire he or she back a few months later. This apparently was the plan for Del Rio.

There was a problem in this plan however. Del Rio wanted to wrestle for Mexican Independent Company, AAA. Unfortunately, in all the WWE contracts when they fire a wrestler, they have a 90 day non-compete clause. This clause was added to every contract in the early 1990s when both WWF and WCW ruled the wrestling world. Often times if a talent was fired from WWF, he was on WCW days later. This happened to Hulk Hogan as well as many others throughout the years.

However, those days are gone. WWF bought out WCW and ECW and formed WWE. They currently have a monopoly on the professional wrestling world, and by today’s standards a 90 day non-compete clause seems a little steep. Del Rio agreed, and believed not only was it unfair that he was fired in the first place, but to not be able to wrestle or earn a living for three months was even worse. So he hired some lawyers and took WWE to court to get the non-compete clause dropped.

Del Rio won his case after a judge ruled in his favor and officially signed with Mexico’s AAA. Del Rio released a statement after the verdict:

“It is unconstitutional that you cannot work…Thanks to lawyers and support of AAA, I can fight without any problems.”

Del Rio has changed his wrestling name to “El Patron” and will officially make his luchador debut on Sunday, September 14th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. Most luchadors wrestle with a mask on, but Del Rio will not wear the traditional Lucha Libre mask for the AAA. Many other Latino wrestling stars will be present at the event including, Rey Mysterio, La Parka, Mysteziz, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Texano Jr. and Averno.

Del Rio shared his gratitude on Twitter with the hashtag #freeAlberto after the verdict was read and also retweeted a promotional poster for the September 14th event. Both tweets and a promotional video can be seen below.

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