The official trailer for The Revenent, was released on Friday , giving fans a new peek at Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest film. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass, a 19th century explorer who is abandoned in an unforgiving winter wilderness. Attack by a bear and left for dead, Glass must struggle to return to his family. The Revenent limited release date is December 25th in U.S., with a full release on Jan. 8 2016. Below, you can watch the trailer, which showcases a visual style that underlies the film: bleak wilderness and pre-sunset lighting.

Those images were filmed in and around Banff, Canada, outside of Calgary. Many of the scenes from the were filmed in the dead of winter, with temperatures dipping below -22°F (30 °C). Crews battled cold and operated inareas where the crew could not camp, Iñárritu told Deadline in February . Also seen in the trailer is the near-sunset lighting, which the director told Deadline would pervade most of the shots in the film. The combination of an isolated shooting area and time-specific lighting presented a number of challenges for the film.

“We are shooting in such remote far-away locations that, by the time we arrive and have to return, we have already spent 40% of the day. But those locations are so gorgeous and so powerful, they look like they have never been touched by a human being, and that’s what I needed,” Iñárritu told Deadline of the stark landscapes, seen in the trailer. “The light is very reduced here in winter, and we are not shooting with any electrical lighting, just natural light. And every single scene is so difficult — emotionally, technically. I’ve gotten myself in trouble again, but I’m trying my best.”

There’s one thing that might not come across in the short trailer: the film’s immersive continuity. Following the continuous style of Iñárritu’s Oscar-winning film Birdman, critics anticipate that The Revenent will be edited into long sequences or even one continuous take.