Something tells us that Alejandro Sanz and J Balvin might not be in good terms after the Spanish crooner humiliated the urban artist on TV. As fans of Univision's "La Banda," we know how sarcastic Sanz can be, but did he cross the line with his colleague in "La Voz Mexico"? 

Sanz and Balvin are part of  "La Voz Mexico" season 5, where they join Gloria Trevi and Los Tigres del Norte frontmen Hernán Hernández and Jorge Hernández as coaches. Although it's not the first time that the two artists throw shade at each other, things got out of hand during Sunday night's episode. The awkward moment, caught on tape, occurred during the last auditions round before kicking off the Battle Rounds.

We're not sure who the artists were fighting for, but from a snippet that's making the rounds, we can tell that all five coaches wanted the aspiring artist on stage. Sanz, however, was probably the most enthusiastic, going as far as insulting his colleague. 

"It appears that the dye has transferred to your scalp and has affected you a little," said Sanz to Balvin. Sanz didn't stop there, as he then continued to target the Latin Grammy winner's talent. "You can't even sing, you shouldn't have anyone singing for you," insinuating that no one should be on Team J Balvin. Balvin, on the other hand, was taken by surprise with Sanz's mean comments. 

The controversy has caught the attention of both fan bases, causing many Sanz fans and Balvin fans to voice their thoughts on social media. 

"I'm sorry, but he didn't humiliate him, he put him in his place," said Facebook user Roxane Espinoza M., insisting that the headline on an article by La Opinion is wrong. "The rude and daring one was J Balvin. The video is not complete, J Balvin made fun of Sanz first," she added.

Meanwhile, Romulo Pineda defended Balvin and stated the following: "Alejandro Sanz needs to be more humble. He's only humiliating himself with his lack of respect and discretion."

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