La Voz Mexico Coaches
J Balvin, Alejandro Sanz, Gloria Trevi, Hernán Hernández and Jorge Hernández will be in charge of scouting the next Mexican star in "La Voz Mexico." Televisa

A few days after getting together for the first photo shoot to promote season 5 of “La Voz Mexico,” coaches J Balvin, Alejandro Sanz, Gloria Trevi, Hernán Hernández, and Jorge Hernández sat down with Televisa’s news anchor Joquín López-Dóriga to talk not only about their expectations during this season of the reality singing competition, but also about the controversial remarks GOP front-runner Donald Trump has made throughout his Presidential campaign.

“I don’t know how someone with such a high economic level and position can have this level of stupidity,” said the Colombian urban star about Trump. His fellow coach and former “La Banda” judge added, “I sometimes feel embarrassed by human beings.” Sanz admitted that he would rather stick to the image he most remembers of President Barack Obama’s election, “people were hugging each other with hope, with new longings.”

The fifth season of "La Voz Mexico" premieres April 24 on Televisa. Televisa

Earlier this week, Trump made the headlines after Democrat supporters crashed his rally in Chicago and tormented the audience. “It seems they [media] aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans,” a Chicago Police officer wrote shortly after Trump canceled the event.

Gloria Trevi also joined the conversation by calling all Latinos in the U.S. to stand up against this “very ridiculous person,” who is only trying to hurt the country. Los Tigres del Norte, Hernán Hernández and Jorge Hernández, enhanced the fact that Mr. Trump has awakened all these people who have been hiding for a long time, and are now showing their true colors. “He has hurt all Latinos, has hurt our hearts, and has insulted our intelligence. If we stick together, I think we can make this man stay away from the Presidency,” said Jorge.

Earlier this month, Jorge Ramos invited all Latino artists to raise their voices during this year’s Presidential race. “They know whatever they say can be repeated millions of times on social media, and they’re realizing their voices are so – important they have to use them responsibly,” the Fusion host told Billboard.

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