Amazon never stops innovating and fans of Alexa can add more to their collection with the newly released Echo Auto. This device is the first Echo designed exclusively for use on the road, offering drivers the ability to easily enjoy all of Alexa's functions in the car.

The device comes in an array of eight microphones, allowing you to speak to Alexa even with ambient road-noise, air conditioning, or background music.

Since you can take Alexa with you, you can ask her to play your music, read your book from Audible, check your calendar, make calls, set your favorite Skill, and so much more --even in Spanish:

Alexa, ¿cómo está el tráfico hoy?

Alexa, busca restaurantes mexicanos ...

Alexa, pon la lista de reproducción de Fuego Latino en Amazon Music

Alexa, ¿cómo está el clima?

Alexa, ¿qué tengo en mi lista de compras?

Alexa, llama a mamá

Alexa, ¿cuáles son las novedades de Telemundo?

Alexa, how is the traffic today?

Alexa, look for Mexican restaurants...

Alexa put the Fuego Latino playlist on Amazon Music

Alexa, how's the weather?

Alexa, what do I have on my shopping list?

Alexa, call mom

Alexa, what are the news from Telemundo?

Additionally, Echo Auto launches in seconds, as the device pairs with Alexa through the Alexa app for mobile phones, iOS, or Android, and uses the mobile data connection to access a series of Alexa functions. Echo Auto devices are powered through the car's 12V power socket or the built-in USB port and connect to the sound system via a 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth.