Alexia Echevarria revealed a pretty dark secret about her former husband on "The Real Housewives of Miami." The blonde beauty was married before to Peter Rosello, whom she had two children with, Peter and Frankie. Alexia is worried about Peter as he has gotten multiple tattoos and one is referencing his biological father, a rose that "unconsciously" is for Rosello, his last name. This cornered Echevarria to talk to her mother about why Peter is acting like this and revealed, "Peter and Frankie have two fathers, they had Herman and Peter Rosello. When Peter and I got married, I was young, I was naive ... he had like a 'bad boy' lifestyle ... I got pregnant. During that time my ex-husband was involved in a very serious drug trafficking case, where several of the defendants were murdered. He was sentenced to 25 years for drug trafficking."

Over on her Bravo Blog, Alexia further explains why it was so important for her to open up about her first husband. "It’s really difficult to have to talk about something that happened 23 years ago. Something that stirs so many mixed emotions -- happiness, sadness, fear, shame, guilt. Something that no matter how much I tried to hide it, erase it, and forget about it still haunts me today," the 'Housewives' star wrote. "At the same time, it's uncomfortable to have to speak about my ex-husband, the biological father of my children, after we have been legally divorced for over 17 years. As you all know, I've been happily married to Herman for the last 13 years. Peter and Frankie have always lived with me and Herman. Basically my boys have been blessed with having two fathers in their lives."

When Alexia's mother asks her if she feels guilty for giving them this type of parent she replies, "I do. He was in, about 4 or 4 and a half years and when he came home to the house, I got pregnant with Frankie and I made the same mistake again. It's like you wake up and snap out of it and you're like, 'OMG! Is this the life I want to live? Is this the life I want to give to my children?' I think Peter identifies a lot with his dad because Peter feels like he's the bad seed, but I am going to do my very best to make him realize that he is not a bad seed. That he's just a flower ready to bloom."

Watch Alexia explain her murky past on the clip below. Do you think this makes Alexia more or less likeable?