A press conference held in Mexico City to promote Alfonso Cuarón's new film "Gravity" this week made headlines for all the wrong reasons. A reporter for the Azteca network show, "Deberían Estar Trabajando" ("You Should Be Working"), asked in a verious serious tone, "What are the technical and human difficulties of 'recording' in space." In the video that want viral, the Mexican director is taken aback not knowing if it was a joke. Cuarón played along and answered with sarcasm, "Yes. We took cameras to the Soyuz [spacecraft]. We were there about 3 months and a half in space ... I really got dizzy during the training..." It was soon revealed that Carlos "El Capi" Perez was the infamous reporter, comedian that asked the question and was torn to pieces by users on Twitter causing the hashtag #PreguntoComoReporteroDeAzteca ("I Ask A Question Like An Azteca Reporter") to top the trending topics in Mexico. Cuarón has since revealed that he feels bad for the reporter for all the cyber bullying he received.

"To tell you the truth, I thought that he was joking, that is why I also replied jokingly," Alfonso Cuarón told El Economista. "I am very happy if he thought that 'Gravity' was filmed in space. I appreciate it if he was honest. Now I feel bad for all the mockery that he has been through, but I thank him." On the day of the press conference "El Capi" said on Twitter, "Sorry Twitter for being a professional committed to the information. Don't tell me that I was the only one that had that doubt." The following day on the Azteca show, the panelists were "offended" for making them look stupid. The asked Perez to come and sit on the panel with them and asked him he was really serious about the question he asked. "You guys know me, the audience knows me and everyone knows how I work," he replied. "I don't know why you are asking me that question. It was obvious I was very serious."

"Deberían Estar Trabajando" is a talkshow where the hosts say things sarcastically and play tricks on each other. Although people on social networks thought "El Capi" was serious and he is now just trying to play it off, the reality of things is that it was really just a joke. The whole purpose of this stunt was to get attention and have people tune in to their show, sort of like what Jimmy Kimmel did with the "Worst TWERK Fail Ever." The hosts were just having fun and played up to the joke during the whole hour. "It should be emphasized that what you have seen today is 'Deberían Estar Trabajando,'" Ines Gomez Mont said at the closing of the show. "What Mr. Capi did was to be irreverent. Mr. Cuarón fell for it and did it very politely by replying to that question. The media, some took it aggressively while others not so much, but this is the show and we are happy that you are here." "Deberían Estar Trabajando" airs daily at 12:30pm in Mexico on Azteca 7. See clips from today's show down below and tell us what you think of their ploy to get viewers to watch.