It took a while but “Alice in Borderland” season 2 is finally coming in 2022.

Filming has reportedly wrapped up and the show based on Aro Haso’s manga will continue to provide bigger stakes and challenges in December.

An update on the show was posted on its official social media account, showing the 10 cast members who survived the deadly games of the first season.

It is only to be expected that the second season of “Alice in Borderland” will have bigger, tougher challenges. All of these were backed by comments of the main characters portrayed by Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya.

Yamazaki, who plays the part of Arisu, mentioned that the show is bigger than ever.

For her part, Tsuchiya who plays the role of Yuzuha Usagi alleged that “each shot has big set pieces, like explosions.”

Sho Ayagi, playing the part of Aguni also stated: “The first season was great, but the second season takes it further.”

The games will be more interesting although most know that the twists are the things that viewers would like to see. Along with that comes brewing romances, possibly one involving Arisu and Usagi. Proof of that is a post showing Arisu holding a bouquet in the upcoming season – an image that could hint at a romance or possibly tribute to something else.

There is of course more to expect with showrunners having their work cut out for them. Considering it was one of the most-watched live-action Japanese shows on Netflix in 2020, viewers will be looking forward to what lies ahead.

The ante is up for showrunners, especially after season one of “Alice in Borderland” landed in the 10th spot in NME’s list of the best Asian TV shows of 2020. Given that, fans will just have to wait and see if the second season can outdo the success of its maiden season.

Japanese actress Tao Tsuchiya
Japanese actress Tao Tsuchiya Getty Images | Christopher Jue

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