Bradley Cooper is still in the process of coping with her split from longtime partner Irina Shayk, allegedly because of Lady Gaga. Over the past few months, several reports of Lady Gaga causing Cooper and Shayk’s relationship issues had turned up.

Gaga Was Cooper’s Shoulder To Cry On

Back in June, a tabloid reported that Cooper turned to Lady Gaga amid his breakup with the Russian model. A source allegedly told the tabloid that the actor confided in Lady Gaga and even cried on her shoulder once. This reportedly reached Shayk, who was allegedly mortified by the fact that the female singer turned out to be Cooper’s confidant while dealing with the ordeal.

Jennifer Garner, Not Gaga, Was Cooper’s Next Prospect

Another tabloid report attempted to make up a different story out of the Gaga-Cooper issue and claimed back in July that Cooper was actually leaning on Jennifer Garner amid his split from Shayk. The tabloid said that Garner, who was Cooper’s costar in “Alias,” served as Cooper’s shoulder to cry on amid their breakup.

The tabloid went on to claim that Garner was actually Cooper’s next prospect following his split from Shayk and not Lady Gaga. According to the narrative, their years of friendship was already on the verge of turning romantic.

Cooper Wanted To Go Public With Gaga

Shortly after Cooper’s split with Shayk, a tabloid also falsely claimed that Cooper pleaded for Gaga to go public with their romance. The tabloid also claimed that after they broke up, Cooper and Shayk agreed not to step out with someone else for at least six months, but Cooper was so madly in love with Gaga that he couldn't hide their relationship any longer.

Cooper Left Gaga After Realizing He Wasn’t Ready To Commit

A different report also claimed that Cooper recently broke up with Gaga after he realized that he was not yet ready to commit to anyone after his split from Shayk. Lady Gaga was allegedly deeply hurt, but Cooper had already made up his mind about the breakup.

Cooper Asked His Mom To Move In With Him After Gaga Split

Following his split with Gaga, Cooper reportedly requested his mom to move into his New York City townhouse to help him take care of his daughter. The “A Star Is Born” actor has reportedly been struggling with being a single dad to his child, especially after his split with Gaga.

According to Gossip Cop, none of these reports are true. While it remains unknown if Lady Gaga really had anything to do with Cooper’s split with Shayk, reports claiming that Cooper was able to cope with the situation through the help of Lady Gaga simply aren’t true.

The publication maintained that Gaga and Cooper’s relationship has always been platonic. And even if they’ve been close friends since last year, Bradley Cooper never leaned on Lady Gaga when he and Shayk parted ways. Cooper has been coping with his previous breakup well, and he’s currently busy juggling his career with fatherhood.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform onstage during the 91st Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on Feb. 24, 2019, in Hollywood, California. Getty Images/Kevin Winter