Former First Lady of the US Melania Trump will have a social media "special arrangement" will Parler, making many wonder if all's well between her and her husband Donald Trump.

Parler made the announcement Wednesday saying that Melania will share “exclusive communications” on the social media network, according to The Hill. Parler also noted that it is already powering her blockchain technology and non-fungible token (NFT) platform,

Melania lauded the social network in a statement saying that it “empowers its users to foster productive discourse.” She said that she is excited and "inspired by free speech platforms that give direct communication to people worldwide." According to her, Parler has been on the "forefront of utilizing Web3 technology."

The announcement comes close to a year since Parler relaunched its service after app stores and web services de-platformed it following Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The network was found to be hosting discussions around the insurrection that happened last year. It has also been used as an alternative to right-wing social media users who don't trust mainstream tech companies.

Melania has active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and it is not clear if her association with Parler will affect her activity on any of the three social media platforms.

Parler CEO George Farmer said in a statement that in the time that Parler and Melania have been working together, "we have found a new level of productivity and engagement with both her, her team, and her brand." Farmer added that the company is excited to "take this step forward with her and continues to build out its product offering to support her professional evolution as one of the world's leading icons.”

Melania's move comes despite the fact that her husband’s rival platform Truth Social is expected to launch in March, reported New York Post. It’s not clear what Melania's tie up with Parler means for Truth Social, which was supposed to launch on Feb. 21. Devin Nunes, CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, said last week that the platform’s launch would be delayed until March.

As for Trump, amid Facebook reporting a decline in users last week, he said that people were already tired of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He added that people were leaving Facebook for Truth Social, reported Independent.

melania trump and donald trump
Melania Trump and Donald Trump Melania Trump/ Twitter

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