A retired Roman Catholic priest is standing trial for the alleged rape of a woman in her Gateshead home nearly 35 years ago, wishing her "good night, god bless," following the horrific sex crime in England.

John Anthony Clohosey, 72, of St. Mary’s Priory, Filey, North Yorkshire, is facing rape charges after he visited a woman at her home on Tyneside in 1986 and raped her despite her protests.

However, Clohosey, who presided over North East England churches, vigorously disputes the allegations, arguing that while he had initially asked for sex, they resorted to only kiss and cuddle. He noted that the sexual contact was consensual, BBC reported.

Contrary to the retired priest's claims, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reported the alleged rape to police, detailing the "gobsmacking" proposal of the clergyman, the Newcastle Crown Court has heard.

She recalled that Clohosey visited her at home out of the blue, settling for an awkward chat before she was nonchalantly asked by the priest if she wanted to have sex, to which the woman had allegedly repeatedly said that she wouldn't.

Clohosey reportedly asked for sex several more times despite the obvious unwillingness of the woman. The priest then proceeded to forcibly grab the woman by the shoulder and brought her to the bedroom.

The alleged victim noted that she fought to escape from the man's grip but it was too late as the priest was already on top of her, performing the horrendous rape in satisfaction. He could be heard "grunting" during the ordeal, reported ChronicleLive.

The woman said she could only mouth the words "no, no, stop, I want you to go," but was helpless to flee the danger from her own home.

Following the rape, the priest was allegedly "calm, not flustered, not panicked," as if he did not force himself onto the victim. Clohosey also wished the victim "goodnight, God bless," before leaving her door and returning to the church, The Northern Echo reported.

The allegations came to light after the woman came into contact with the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, asking for financial assistance to pay an outstanding legal bill.

The request was turned down as it failed to meet the diocese's charitable objectives, leaving the woman devastated. The victim said she snapped in distress, turning to email her local priest to lash out about the alleged rape that occurred 35 years ago.

“It seems paying off victims of priests’ abuse does come under its objectives but helping families in times of dire need does not. I too was abused at the hands of a Catholic priest many, many years ago. I chose not to speak out because of my shame and respect for the Catholic church," the email read.

The woman further noted that the incident made her realize that the Catholic Church did not deserve her respect and that she should not have kept the abuse to herself. The complainant claimed that was unwilling to speak out before but felt "huge relief" when she finally did.

She later noted that she did not hate her alleged attacker despite Clohosey abusing his position.

In 2019, Clohosey was relieved from his duties at Lady Immaculate and St. Cuthbert's RC Church in Crook following the allegations.

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