Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke
A scene from Pedro Almodóvar's 'Strange Way of Life' Sony Pictures Classics

Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar's foray into the Western genre, "Strange Way of Life," is poised to reach a broader audience as it's ready to debut on Netflix in April.

The short film, featuring Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal alongside Ethan Hawke, explores some of Almodóvar's classic themes of romantic yet complex relationships. With a twist, he transports his story from modern-day Madrid to the American West in the 19th century.

After premiering and being featured in U.S. cinemas, the 31-minute film was initially only available for purchase on Amazon's Prime Video for U.S. audiences. However, it has been available for streaming on Mubi in Latin America and Italy for months.

Filmed by Almodóvar in the Tabernas desert (located in Almería, Spain, but resembling the U.S.-Mexican border), the film follows Silva (played by Pascal) as he traverses the desert to visit Sheriff Jake (played by Hawke).

After being apart for a quarter-century, Silva pays an unexpected visit to his old friend Sheriff Jake, who is investigating the murder of his brother's wife, allegedly committed by her abusive partner, Joe. Determined to personally apprehend Joe, Jake is surprised by Silva's appearance. As they revisit their romantic history, their reencounter takes a romantic turn.

Silva reveals Joe's true identity as his own son before embarking on a mission to find him. Jake follows closely behind, and their journey prompts reflection on their past romance. When Silva confronts Joe and urges him to leave town, Jake intervenes to arrest Joe, leading to a tense confrontation that ends with Silva shooting Jake to protect his son. Despite the shock, Silva tends to Jake's injury, prompting a moment of reflection on their bond and the possibility of a shared future.

"A Strange Way of Life" will be available on Netflix on April 12.

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