Amanda Bynes dropped a shocking announcement on Valentine’s Day and it left fans confused. This is because the former Nickelodeon star suddenly revealed that she is engaged by posting a photo of her hand with a diamond ring. This confused fans because no one knew that she has a boyfriend and yet her first announcement is that she is already engaged! 

The 33-year-old actress who is well known for her stint in the TV series “All That” and its spinoff “The Amanda Show” showed an image of two hands in her engagement photo announcement but the identity of her fiance was kept a secret. She did not mention a name or post his picture so it was a mystery until she finally uploaded a photo of them together. 

The Blast reported that Amanda Bynes’s fiance is Paul Michael and he is in his 20s and a student. They met at Alcoholics Anonymous where the actress is getting treatment to get sober. It was said that although the couple has only known each other for about two or three months, their engagement is legit. 

Many doubt the validity of Bynes' engagement at first because she is known to be going through a lot. She is a troubled actress who needs to straighten her life now or be one of those artists who disappear and hit the bottom of their career due to drugs and alcohol. In any case, after letting the fans know who her boyfriend is, the Hollywood Life listed some things about to know about her mystery beau Paul Michael and here they are:

  1. Michael is from Los Angeles and he is apparently younger than Amanda Bynes. In fact, as mentioned earlier, he is still in school. His father is a doctor while his brother is said to be involved in the entertainment business and has appeared on TV reality series.

  2. The guy is Bynes’ first-ever fiance. Some fans may think that this is her second engagement because, in 2017, she said she was engaged to someone but later confessed that it was a joke. 
  3. Paul Michael is now engaged to Amanda Bynes but he can’t marry her without permission. This is due to the fact that the actress is under a conservatorship where her parents were appointed to manage her financial affairs and a judge must sign an approval if she wants to get married due to limitations caused by mental health problems. 

Finally, Amanda Bynes has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and over the years, she has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. She was on the front pages for news of arrests and rehab for her drug, alcohol and mental illness related issues. She has not fully recovered yet but fans are hoping she’ll get back on track soon especially with her wedding coming up. 

amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes attending the MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on June 5, 2011. Jason Merritt/Getty Images