A person allegedly burnt an American flag, and now Philadelphia police are hunting for the culprit.

FOX 29 Philadelphia reported that the flag was hanging outside a house on the city's south side. The house was on the 200 block of Fulton Street. The flag was said to be set on fire around 4 a.m. Thursday. The arson was caught on camera. The owner of the house had shared a photo of the burning flag with the publication.

A possible motive for the arson has not been provided by investigators. Even though the flag being burnt was captured on camera, no suspects have been identified till now. Authorities want anyone with information related to the arson to contact cops as soon as possible.

Fox News reported that last summer an unidentified arsonist was being hunted. The search began after the person was caught on video twice lighting an American flag on fire outside a house of a resident.

In 2020 when Donald Trump was the US President, he condemned the burning of the American flag. It came after protesters set fire to a huge American flag that they had tied to a traffic light pole at an intersection outside of Lafayette Park. It is a few blocks from the White House.

Fox News reported that at the time, Trump had tweeted saying that it was a shame that "Congress doesn’t do something about the lowlifes that burn the American Flag." Soon after demonstrators defaced and tried to pull down an Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park, protesters had also burnt smaller American flags on the embers of the larger one. Before the protesters were successful, police managed to intervene.

Lafayette Park and the White House have become a focal point for Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters calling for equality and justice after the death of George Floyd. He was a black man who died after a white cop kneeled on his neck for almost nine minutes.

In June 2020, Trump had called banning American flag burning a “no brainer.” He supported Senator Steve Daines’ proposed constitutional amendment to make American flag burning illegal.

The Supreme Court had ruled that burning of the flag is protected free speech.

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