After some initial problems, “American Gods” Season 3 is finally happening. Filming is currently ongoing with “Walking Dead” alum Charles “Chic” Eglee joining the TV series as the new showrunner.

Will the change in the showrunners of the TV series affect the quality of the production in Season 3? Not according to Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch, who recently said that the production of the TV series is “coming along really well,” Deadline reported.

Hirsch is apparently happy with what they have filmed for the TV series so far. He said that they are going to have a “great show” in the next season.

The Season 2 finale ended with all the gods preparing to go to war. Each god had a plan, and everyone was busy making alliances. One goddess who made her preparations in a different way was Bilquis (Yetide Badaki).

In an interview with TV Line, Badakis said that she “loved” that her character was going to war “vulnerable as herself” while the other gods all are “in essence armoring up.” The actress also teased some details about what the fans will see in “American Gods” Season 3, after the major twists related to Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle).

Going forward, Shadow will use the name Mike Ainsel. In the previous season, he realized his importance and the source of his power. He was last seen going to a town called Lakeside.

Badaki teased that the next season will take the fans to a “familiar world,” but they are going to see “some unfamiliar elements along the way.” The actress complemented the new showrunner for the work he has done.

Meanwhile, Whittle is staying in shape by going to the gym. The actor shared a picture of him after a workout on his Twitter page and said that he was preparing for the show's new season.

The upcoming season has yet to have a release date.

American Gods Starz executives are happy with "American Gods" Season 3. Starz/Facebook