The horror anthology series "American Horror Story" will return to FX this fall. There have been much rumors regarding the new season but nothing concrete. 

During PaleyFest 2016, actors Denis O'Hare who played Liz Taylor in "American Horror Story: Hotel," Wes Bentley who played detective John Lowe, and Cheyenne Jackson who appeared as Will Drake pitched their ideas for the upcoming season's plotline.

Bentley suggested that a ghost ship theme would be great for the coming season of "American Horror Story." He told Zap2It, "I've heard good ideas; I'll go off of those. One was like a ship, like a 'Ghost Ship' kinda thing. It would be really hard to do, but I think it would be interesting. I even heard someone say summer camp and at first I was like hmmm, but then I thought about it and thought that's not a bad idea."

O'Hare, on the other hand, wanted to time travel and have a series based on ancient Roman times. He also mentioned a bizarre virus. O'Hare said, "Well my mind is on ancient Rome right now so I'll probably go way, way back like that and mix it with something supernatural so that maybe we can time travel. I like the idea of time travel and maybe a bizarre virus."

Meanwhile, Jackson wanted to do a period piece for the sixth season of "AHS." Jackson said, "I'd love to see a period piece again. I know this year ... I heard they're going to be more in the present; I just love period pieces, I love the costumes and the eye candy of it."

Showrunner Ryan Murphy also attended PaleyFest 2016 and revealed that he and the production team on "American Horror Story" have been working on two different ideas and one of those ideas revolve around children in horror. Murphy said, "The interesting thing about this season is we've been working on two ideas at once, which we've never done. So I don't want to say what it maybe is.... Both things that we're writing right now we haven't declared a winner will have a different form, so we're excited about that. We'll talk about it soon, but we haven't landed on it yet."

Murphy further went on to explain, "If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying."

As far as casting goes for the sixth season, it has been reported that Lady Gaga will return to the coming season of "AHS." It has also been rumored that Gaga will be working alongside A-lister Bradley Cooper, but that has yet to be confirmed.

"American Horror Story's" sixth season will return this fall.