Fans have got their first official glimpse at the coming sixth season of the horror anthology series, "American Horror Story."

In true "AHS" fashion, a new logo was revealed by FX, however, the image left more questions than answers. The logo is simple and shows a black and red number "6," which is also is in the form of a question mark. The first teaser begs the question of what will the theme be for Season 6 and who will be involved?

The logo was revealed on FX's official social media accounts Tuesday afternoon. At this point, Season 6 of "AHS" has been the most top-secret installment to date. 

Early this year, FX CEO John Landgraf told reporters a bit about the new season, saying it will be set in the present day and will include flashbacks. "It's set in the present although with echoes of the past," he said. "It's set in two time periods … but principally in the present."

As far as casting is concerned, the network has not officially confirmed any returning cast members, but in a recent interview, Cheyenne Jackson revealed that he will be back for Season 6. Both Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett also confirmed they will be involved with the coming season. 

Furthermore, "AHS" vet Sarah Paulson teased her return to Variety, saying "Now there’s nothing he [Ryan Murphy] could ask me to do that I would say no to. Ever."

Murphy teased a big cast return this spring at PaleyFest, saying, “I will tell you that every darling person up here that wants to come back can come back." He was seated with Finn WittrockWes BentleyMatt BomerAngela BassettDenis O’HareKathy Bates, Paulson and Jackson.

Check out the new "American Horror Story" Season 6 logo below: