LAS VEGAS – Amir Khan and Devon Alexander step into the ring tonight for their 12 round bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Without a doubt, this is the biggest fight of Khan’s young career, and with a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather looming, Khan needs a knockout or convincing decision to have title shot at “Money” in 2015.

If the stars somehow align however, and the much anticipated super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather does happen, than Khan could fight fellow British fighter, Kell Brook, in a battle for English elite. We will be bringing you all the live round by round updates throughout the fight both here and on our twitter account @thelatintimes. So get your popcorn ready and pull up a seat in front of the television, it’s going to be a great night of fights.

The 12-round fight is scheduled for 9:00PM EST at which point the first of four undercards begins. Abner Marez vs. Jose Ramirez will start the fight night out, followed by Keith Thurman vs. Leonard Bundu an hour later. At a projected time of 10:30PM EST, Mauricio Herrera takes on Jose Benavidez and after that Andy Lee vs. Matt Korobov. The main event, Amir Khan vs. Devon Alexander is scheduled to start at approximately 11:00PM EST.

Amir Khan is a 3 to 1 favorite to win the fight according to, while Alexander is at 5 to 2 odds.  Vegas oddsmakers believe that Khan will win the fight by knockout in either the 9th round or later, with most bets moving towards Khan winning by decision. The fight can be viewed live on Showtime, and if you’re not able to get to a television, you can live stream the fight here.


Main Event Welterweight Fight: Amir "King" Khan 29-3 (19) vs. Devon Alexander 26-2 (14)


Round 1:
Amir Khan is standing straight up in the center of the ring whereas Alexander is moving a lot. Khan's speed is superior to Alexander's. Speed Kills. 10-9 Khan 

Round 2:
Khan working the jab to the body of Alexander. Devon Alexander keeps moving left, faling right into King Khan's trap. Alexander is going to need a lucky punch right now to drop Khan. Khan wins the second round 10-9 but not a lot of action or power punching yet. 

Round 3:
On replay between rounds, Showtime shows that Khan has been stepping on Alexander's foot before landing blows. Strategically a smart move by Khan. Khan is doing a good job of landing shots up and low. Alexander has no idea where the punch is gonna go. Again Khan tries to step on Alexander's foot pinning him in place. Little combo by Khan and a good duck and under by Alexander. Khan lands a left hook and Alexander lands one to the body. Nice combo to end the round. 10-9 Khan

Round 4: 
Khan lands a left, but Alexander is unharmed. He's waiting for his opening. As time goes on, he knows he might have to win this fight on one punch. Khan's counter punching is impressive. This round was pretty even. Could go either way, Khan threw more punches and landed more, we'll give it to the King. 10-9 Khan

Round 5:
Khan's trainer tells him to "stay focused" between rounds. King Khan is controlling this fight. Dictating the pace, the punches, the counterpunches. Khan is focused and sharp tonight. This could be a lopsided affair unless Alexander lands something big. Alexander lands a right. Great footwork by Khan and he lands a straight right. Khan dances away as Alexander chases. We like Alexander that round but it was close. 10-9 Alexander

Round 6:
Khan doing well in round six. Moving great around the ring. Landing his jab. Still waiting for Alexander to land something. Great combination by Khan. Alexander counters. Left by Khan. Khan wins again. 10-9

Round 7:
Judges between rounds say Khan is winning in a shutout. We don't disagree, but we gave one round to Alexander, this is a bad matchup for Alexander. Another combo by Khan, right upper cut and a left. Khan dominating. 10-9 Khan 

Round 8:
Khan obliterating Alexander to start round 8. Landing everything he wants. Stiff left by Alexander, but Kahn counters. Another right hook that lands by Alexander. Great left by Khan to the ribs. Another close round. We feel bad for Alexander so we'll give him another one. 10-9 Alexander

Round 9:
Can Alexander get the momentum and have it carry over from round 8? Khan still working the jab, flashing his superior speed and footwork. Alexander lands a right hook. It's his best punch so far. Khan wins 10-9

Round 10:
Just three rounds to go. Barring something unforseen, this fight should go the distance. Only five more minutes before the nightmare is over for Alexander. Alexander is stalking Kahn around the ring, but now Khan is showing his blocking and defense. Khan lands some great blows to the body. Khan's jab won that round. 10-9 Khan

Round 11: 
Khan is putting on a clinic with his speed and footwork. Alexander still tries to chase him. Great left hook by Khan. Khan landing anything he wants. Moving well, they're dancing in a big circle. Nice jab by Khan. Alexander lands a right, but then blocks Alexander's jab. Close again, but Kahn wins. 10-9 Kahn

Round 12: 
Kahn comes out agressive. He wants to make sure this a no doubter and maybe going for the shutout. Khan again clinical in his technique and his jab. Khan ends the round with a nice combo. King Khan has taken Alexander to school. Again he steps on Alexander's foot. He wins the round again. 10-9 Khan

Final Results:

Our Score: 118- 110 Kahn

Judge 1: 119-109
Jude 2: 118-110
Judge 3: 120-108 

Khan wins by unanimous decision! Retains his belt.