Aldo Guerra
Aldo Guerra talks about his novela debut on "Amores Con Trampa" and gives spoilers on the grand finale! Courtesy / Televisa

For Aldo Guerra, forming part of the "Amores Con Trampa" cast has been a huge stepping stone in his up and coming career. The 23-year-old Mexican actor, son of iconic actor Rogelio Guerra, portrays Alberto Carmona in the Univision telenovela.

In "Amores Con Trampa," Guerra is the son of Facundo Carmona, played by Eduardo Yañez. According to Guerra, working with Yañez has been a real treat. "Being Eduardo's son is the best thing that has happened to me," he told Latin Times. "He's the most professional person I've met in my life. He's generous and he's always helping everyone out with their scenes. He was a great mentor for me and he's like my second father," he added.

Guerra, who began his trajectory at a young age in theater and graduated from Televisa's CEA ("Centro de Educacion Artistica"), said he hopes to keep working in film, theater or telenovelas. As for now, with "Amores Con Trampa's" finale just around the corner, he's traveling the world and promoting his work.

As for "Amores Con Trampa," the grand finale on Sept. 21st via Univision, sounds promising! "There will be a wedding! I'm getting married. The finale is going to be very nice," Guerra said. Spoiler much?

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