Eduardo Santamarina
Eduardo Santamarina was excited to watch his twin boys, Roberto & Eduardo, make their acting debut in "Amores Con Trampa." Getty

Eduardo Santamarina is ecstatic after watching his twin boys, Roberto and Eduardo, make their big debut in the small screen. The boys’ mom, Itatí Cantoral, announced they both earned a role in her upcoming production “Amores Con Trampa” a few months ago and they even joined the cast during the Telenovela’s presentation in March.

Before announcing their acting debut, both parents expressed they would be 100% supportive of their kids if they decided to follow their career paths and became actors. Itatí even mentioned her kids had a natural talent in acting and music because it runs in both sides of the family. Itatí’s dad, Roberto Cantoral, was known for composing a string of hit Mexican songs, “El Triste,” “Al Final,” “La Barca” and “El Reloj.”

TVyNovelas had the chance to speak with the proud dad who confessed he was biased and excited to see his teenage boys acting on TV, “I started jumping up and down when I saw them! I was very excited and proud. I had a big knot in my throat!” He said. “I don’t know if they were good or bad, but I thought they were beautiful. As a dad I had a different perception, I couldn’t be objective. Maybe going forward I’ll be more of a critic.”

He added that he didn’t have time to give them advice before the shooting because it all happened way too fast, “It was all very fast. In fact, Itatí, who is starring in the Telenovela, wasn’t with them either. I ran into Eduardo Yáñez and he told me that he had to direct my sons, and I of course thanked him for being there for them.”

Eduardo Santamarina is currently getting ready for his comeback as a villain in “Antes Muerta Que Lichita” next to Maite Perroni, Arath de la Torre, Sherlyn González and Chantal Andere.

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