Amy Schumer
Comedian Amy Schumer speaks onstage during the Comedy Central Live 2016 upfront at Town Hall on March 31, 2016 in New York City. Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Amy Schumer’s Comedy Central sketch show “Inside Amy Schumer” is back! And just like everyone else, she wants a piece of Broadway’s “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. To do that, the actress put up her very own version of the musical, with her sister.

“Oh my god, my sister and I saw it and we were flipping out,” she tells him. “But then I thought, like, I can do that. You know, I thought, how hard is it to write a hip-hopera about historical wig-and-knee-sock people,” Schumer told Miranda. “I’m sorry, I thought you wanted me to be on your TV show? You sent me a DM on Twitter,” Miranda responded.

The actress, of course, proceeded to write her own show about Betsy Ross, so she could show off her flag-making and hip-hop skills. “How does a woman who does not know how to sow learn to sow, and then go on to sow a flag for her country,” sang Schumer as she began performing for Lin-Manuel.

It’s safe to say, both, Miranda and Schumer are at the height of their careers, with “Hamilton” bringing in crowds from all over the world to see it and students going crazy over the Ham4Ham lotto, to see if they’ll be lucky enough to see the coveted musical. The cast recently won a Grammy for Best Musical, right after becoming the first-ever musical play to do a live performance for the award show.

Schumer had a huge year in 2015; she wrote and starred in the movie “Trainwreck,” toured successfully, opened for a Madonna concert, danced on top of Billy Joel’s piano, and became BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence (who she’s reportedly co-writing a new movie with).

Check out the fun video, and judge for yourself if the two stars of the moment should actually collaborate on something bigger; we sure think so!

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