Ana Brenda Dazzles At Venice Film Festival 2017 Red Carpet [PHOTOS]

Ana Brenda Conteras
The Mexican star walked the red carpet of the prestigious event and we have the photos here! GettyImages

Ana Brenda Contreras is hitting a milestone in her career walking the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2017. The Mexican actress is known to Latin viewers for her telenovela roles in "Corazón Indomable," "Lo Imperdonable" and "La Que No Podía Amar." Contreras wore a red dress inspired by the days of "Dallas" and "Dynasty" and paired the outfit with a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and black shoes. Check out the pics down below and tell us what you think!

Ana Brenda's last telenovela role was on "Lo Imperdonable" where she gave life to Verónica, a beautiful and determined woman who gets easily carried away. She never met her mother since her father separated them when she was only a child. Years later, he ended up losing himself drinking until he died of cirrhosis leaving her orphan. She was adopted by the Prado Castelo couple whom she calls aunt and uncle; however, she has never been able to have a good relationship with Sara, her aunt, and with Virginia, her cousin. Verónica falls in love and marries Martín ignoring she will go through a living hell being a victim of Martín’s revenge as he believes she is guilty of his brother’s death.

One of Ana Brenda's biggest telenovela hits was "Corazón Indomable," a remake of "Mari Mar." In the series she was Maricruz, a humble and beautiful; intelligent and clever girl. Maricruz is brave and confronts life joyfully and enthusiastically. She lives in a shack near the Narvaez ranch property line. When she became an orphan, her maternal grandfather, Ramiro, watched over her. She never had the chance to attend school, so she is kind of short-tempered. Her beauty brings her some problems with men who always want to take advantage of her. She idealizes Octavio Narvaez, who is the first man that defends her and looks at her tenderly. Maricruz completely ignores that her father, Alejandro, is a wealthy man. When she discovers this and finds out her true identity as Alejandra Mendoza, her life will change completely.

Another one of Ana Brenda's career successes was "La Que No Podía Amar," where she played a character by the name of Ana Paula, she was a young and beautiful woman; she is a mother orphan and believes she is a father orphan too. She is brave, joyful, optimistic, intuitive, and has a strong personality. Despite her poverty, she is convinced that she can get ahead in life on her own. She studied nursing and has a special flair for looking after sick people. She dreams about love, but is not willing to rush into it; she prefers to wait for the right man to come.

Ana Brenda was also in the classic "Teresa," she played Angelique Boyer's best friend that is ultimately betrayed. Aurora is sweet, refined and kind-hearted, but not very assertive. She is a good, loving young woman, but a little naïve. She believes that Teresa’s friendship is sincere and not based on ambition. She falls in love with Mariano, but knows he loves Teresa. Aurora is generous and maternal. She goes to med-school to please her father, although her true vocation is working with children.

Ana Brenda At Venice Film Festival 2017 Ana Brenda at the Venice Film Festival 2017. GettyImages Ana Brenda At Venice Film Festival 2017 Ana Brenda looking stunning at the Venice Film Festival 2017. GettyImages Ana Brenda At Venice Film Festival 2017 Ana Brenda looking stunning at the Venice Film Festival 2017. GettyImages Ana Brenda At Venice Film Festival 2017 Ana Brenda looking stunning at the Venice Film Festival 2017. GettyImages

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