Ana Gabriel stopped by the James L. Knight Center in Miami last weekend as a part of her 2015-2016 tour “Por ti, Para Siempre.” After the concert, the Mexican singer agreed to talk to some members of the press and the inevitable questioned was asked, once again...“Are you gay?”

“Why do you ask me the same question all the time?” said the 60-year-old music legend. After the reporter addressed the lack of a romantic relationship with a man throughout her career, she replied, “Well, you haven’t seen me with a woman either, and you know why? Because I have many, and I am a very faithful person, so I have to be faithful to all of them.”

The interpreter, who has been fighting homosexuality rumors for as long as we can remember, decided to still leave a question mark out there. With her response, she is not accepting or denying the allegations, but she left one thing clear: she loves women, “I have my mom, my daughter, my sister, my friends,” she mentioned as examples of women she loves before anyone started thinking she was finally coming out of the closet.

Ana Gabriel also took the time to confess that she doesn’t see herself sharing the rest of her life with anyone. “If you haven’t seen me with anyone is because I have been living by myself for 60 years, and at this point in my life, I don’t think I would want to share everything I have with another person, whether it is a man, a woman or quimera,” she joked.

So there you have it folks, Ana Gabriel may or may not be gay. But truth to be told, that is not of anyone’s business. Love wins, in all of its forms.