Anderson Cooper is in hot water after his "RidicuList" segment on "AC360" aired on CNN last week where he completely lost it trying to describe Miss Peru's National Costume in a preliminary Miss Universe pageant competition. "Oh look, the man baby looks surprised! He's got his little, little man baby hand right up there in front of his face like, 'Oh! I'm a little--I'm a man baby from Peru,"' he said unable to control his laughter. The beauty queen representing her country was Cindy Mejia, wearing an interpretation of a typical dress worn by women in the Mantaro Valley. Ricardo Dávila Cherres, is the celebrated Peruvian designer behind the traditional ensemble that caused Cooper's giggle attack. RALATED: Anderson Cooper Tweets Fake Alec Baldwin After Gay Slur Debate On CNN Show

Dávila Cherres, who designed Miss Peru's National Costume for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant is known to incorporate native elements into his colorful designs. Now the nation of Peru is upset that the American journalist mocked the outfit and are now demanding an apology. Peruvians have taken issue in the matter and are insulted with national "media outlets (RPP, America TV,, Trome, and others) have reported on the incident with an air of indignance. While some commenters on those sites seem outraged by Cooper’s 'ignorant' comments, others wonder what all the fuss is about." But should the people of Peru be insulted? We don't think so and here are 5 Reasons Why Anderson Cooper Should Not Apologize:

1. Have Some Humor: People take offense to everything these days. Nobody can make a remark or a critique without being offended, insulted or called a racist. Cooper is not making fun of the ensemble, he found the plastic baby odd and hilarious. The doll looks kind of creepy and should not have had a place in this interpretation of the national costume.

2. Not An Actual Typical Dress: Let's remember this is not an actual traditional dress. Yes, it is supposed to be inspired by one, but it's already so glamorized the only typical thing about are the rich and vibrant colors.

3. Blame The Designer: The designer is the one that should be blamed as he created this ensemble. Maybe instead of asking for an apology from Anderson, Peru should be asking for an apology from Ricardo Davila. At the end of the day it was his vision and in a sense he mocked his own country with this costume.

4. Seperate Peru From The Dress: That dress is not Peru and Peru is not that dress. Just because Cooper had a good laugh at the expense of the outfit, doesn't mean he was laughing at the country of Perú. Don't take it personal "hermanos de Perú." Justin Bieber was REALLY INSULTING when he used the Argentina flag to sweep the stage. Now that is insulting!

5. Giggling Vs Insult: Cooper's comment on the doll are pail in comparison to what the Belinda White of Telegraph wrote, "Miss Peru looks like she went on an Inca Trail package tour and robbed an entire Andean village of souvenirs. Meanwhile, there's nothing quite so sinister as a plastic baby in a straw trilby whispering evil nothings in your ear when you're trying to catwalk."

BONUS REASON: Anderson Cooper is the son of fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, we are sure he knows what he's talking about when it comes to fashion growing up with such a legend.

Do you think Anderson Cooper should apologize to Perú for his laughs and giggles? WATCH VIDEO DOWN BELOW!