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Anderson Cooper discussed Alec Baldwin's recurring homophobic remarks on his CNN show Monday night, which started a Twitter war between the two. The feud between Alec and Anderson started when the actor was caught by TMZ yelling at a photographer "that one is a 'c---suc-ing fag'" and later denied he ever said that. After the incident Cooper tweeted, "Wow, Alec Baldwin shows his true colors yet again. How is he going to lie and excuse his anti-gay slurs this time?" Baldwin excused himself writing, "I'm grateful to all of the people I meet and hear from who recognize that I would never say something to offend my friends in the gay community. I know that TMZ would go to any lengths to bury me. But, try again. If TMZ asserts that I used an anti-gay epithet, I will sue them." Anderson who is openly gay read his tweets and wrote, "Just read Alec Baldwin's latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny."

During the course of "AC360" the show's official account was posting updates on the panel and received a response from a fake Alec Baldwin account that said, "If I had Anderson's paycheck and sorry ratings, I might be fast and loose with the truth as well," Baldwin said on Twitter tonight (November 18). "I think it would suit you to be more careful what you accuse people of. Journalism [is] about having the facts or are you more 'host' than journalist." Cooper used his CNN show to address Alec's anti-gay slurs directed at a paparazzo. Anderson replied to Baldwin's rant and said, "are you drunk? You're kind of embarrassing yourself. I wish you well." About an hour later, Cooper might have noticed his mistake and wrote, "I've got to assume this is a fake account. It would be too embarrassing otherwise." RELATED: Anderson Cooper Mocks Miss Peru National Costume: 5 Reasons Why He Should Not Apologize [VIDEO]

Anderson was fighting with an impostor as the official Alec Baldwin Twitter account is set up here: @ABFalecbaldwin. As of the publishing of this article, Baldwin has not replied to Anderson's latest remarks. The CNN journalist has been in hot water after his "RidicuList" segment on "AC360" aired on CNN last week where he completely lost it trying to describe Miss Peru's National Costume in a preliminary Miss Universe pageant competition. "Oh look, the man baby looks surprised! He's got his little, little man baby hand right up there in front of his face like, 'Oh! I'm a little--I'm a man baby from Peru,"' he said unable to control his laughter. The beauty queen representing her country was Cindy Mejia, wearing an interpretation of a typical dress worn by women in the Mantaro Valley. Ricardo Dávila Cherres, is the celebrated Peruvian designer behind the traditional ensemble that caused Cooper's giggle attack. Media demanded an apology from Cooper as they felt offended by his remarks.

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