As Prince Andrew faces a settlement for sex trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre, it was reported on Monday, March 7, that he will be receiving a private loan from Prince Charles and the Royal family, in spite of previous promises that the Royal family would not help in the settlement.

Andrew faces a settlement payment somewhere between $10 million and $14 million for reportedly having sex with Guiffre while she was underage and trapped within the sex trafficking ring of American financier Jeffrey Epstein, the BBC reported.

In spite of previous statements from the royals that they will let Andrew handle his own “mess,” it is reported that Prince Charles will be helping in on the settlement, with Queen Elizabeth II “chipping in” on the amount to ensure the settlement is paid on time, according to the Daily Beast.

The allegations against Prince Andrew and his close relationship with Epstein had forced the Royal family to try and separate themselves from the messy private life of the prince. However, sources close to the family say that they are intent on helping Andrew pay the settlement on time.

“There were family discussions about how to ‘take a little from here and a little from there,’” a source close to the family said. “Once [money from the chalet] hits his bank account, he can pay back his brother and whoever else has lent him money."

“But that payment [to Virginia] has to be paid on time. He can’t rely on selling the chalet. Too many things can go wrong and the court won’t wait for property queries,” the source added.

Andrew is currently selling his Swiss chalet in an attempt to pay for the settlement. He claims that the property will sell for around $17 million, but many who are privy to the prince’s financials say that the house only has $4 million in equity after loans are factored in.

“He has no income or money to repay a bank loan so the family is the only way to guarantee the payment,” a friend of Andrew told the media.

In spite of photographic evidence that shows Guiffre and Andrew together at an undisclosed time period, the prince has repeatedly denied meeting Guiffre or having sex with her multiple times when she was underage.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew during Trooping The Colour. Getty Images

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