Angelina Jolie admitted having no regrets in her past relationship with Brad Pitt despite how their marriage ended up. In a recent interview, the “Maleficent” star said that she wouldn’t mind repeating all her mistakes after her divorce from Pitt, knowing that she wouldn’t be who she is today without those mistakes.

Jolie recently opened up about her life after her split from Pitt and revealed how her failed marriage has taught her many things about life. The actress said that it matters not how bad their marriage turned out to be. She’s still grateful she had experienced the things she had with Pitt.

“I am the product of all good and bad decisions I have ever made,” she said. “I’d repeat every single one of them, and I would still get my tattoos! I’m a big believer in no regrets because you wouldn’t be who you are without mistakes, even big ones,” she added.

Jolie said that if there’s one important thing that her past relationship has taught her, it’s self-love. Since her split from Pitt, Jolie has started to make time for herself — something that she didn’t get to do when they were still together.

“When I do take time for myself, I rediscover that softness I speak of,” said Jolie. “I also realize I have more fight and resilience in me than I knew,” she added. Jolie said her failed marriage has taught her how important it is to take a moment to make yourself happy. “Having something like a nice perfume can make you feel cared for,” she shared.

Jolie also opened up about her struggles in raising all of their six children and admitted that the split has left her vulnerable deep down. She said that while her movies portray her as a headstrong woman in the mid of her divorce from Brad Pitt, there’s still a softer side to her, and it’s brought out by her children behind closed doors.

“At my core I’m soft and vulnerable — it’s not my dream just to be strong,” she said. “I want to be allowed to be soft and I don’t want to be harmed or feel unsupported when I am,” she added.

Jolie admitted that it’s not easy running a home with six children, but she’s glad that her children are strong and open-minded. “I try to lead by example,” she said. The actress also said that she constantly reminds her children to stay humble and to remember to use their blessings to help others.

Jolie and Pitt parted ways in 2016, but their bitter custody battle over their six children is still ongoing. When she announced her split from Pitt, Jolie said that she was extremely upset with the way her husband was parenting their children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend Audi at the opening night gala premiere of 'By the Sea' during AFI FEST 2015 presented by Audi at TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, California, Nov. 5, 2015. Getty Images/Jonathan Leibson