Angelique Boyer Visits Brazil: Watch As Fans Go Crazy When They Greet Star At Airport [VIDEO]

Angelique Boyer
The star of "Tres Veces Ana" is frustrated at the way Univision is handling the telenovela and cutting scenes. Watch her express her disappointment here! Televisa

Angelique Boyer is one of the new generation telenovela queens starring in major hits. Her projects have traveled the world and one particular country that adores her work is Brazil. The actress was recently invited by the SBT television network to visit the South American country and make the rounds on the entertainment shows. Fans of the star love her for "Teresa" and most recently "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó," which just ended.

"Very soon I will be realizing my dream of going to Brasil," she wrote on Twitter. In a seperate message she said: "Dreams do come true. I am very happy and excited to be going to Brazil and being able to see all the passionate Brazilian people."

At her arrival at the airport she was greeted by hundreds of fans and television cameras that were expecting her. It was true chaos as she was getting off the plane to try to get to her destination. Scenes like these are amazing to see and show how passionate people are with telenovelas. See some of the videos and images below and tell us in the comments section what telenovela star you would go crazy for!

Angelique Boyer was most recently on "Tres Veces Ana" where she had the task of playing three roles simultaneously. She played Ana Lucia, the long lost triplet. She is the most generous of the triplets, a joyful young girl who lost her memory after the accident she suffered next to her family. She grew up next to Soledad believing she is her mother. She has recurring dreams and nightmares in which she sees three girls and has some strange premonitions she just can’t explain. She falls in love with Santiago, but she ignores he is her sister’s husband and she will have to fight for him when she meets again with her family.

Boyer also gave life to Ana the most introverted of the triplets, which became more evident after losing one leg in the accident. Even though she has the full support of her family, she is very insecure. Ramiro is in love with her, but she rejects him because she feels she doesn't deserve the love of a man without any physical conditions. In return, she accepts Valentín, but he is not who she thinks he is. She spends her time and money in a foundation that helps people with disabilities. She is convinced that Ana Lucía is alive and she wants to find her so they can be together again.

The most controversial of the roles was Ana Leticia. Unlike her sisters, she is capricious, envious, and constantly needs to be the center of attention. She is very sensual, which she uses to obtain everything she wants. She married Marcelo, but she was never in love with him, so she didn’t hesitate getting him killed when he stood on the way of her ambitious plans. She loves her uncle Mariano in a very sick way. She finds in Iñaki the perfect accomplice to achieve her goals. She also has recurring dreams marked by the guilt she feels knowing she caused the accident in which her parents died.

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