After being attacked and scarred by leopards during a spicy photo session, Jessica Leidolph has now opened an animal sanctuary of her own, Daily Star reported.

Jessica, 37, entered a big cats enclosure in Nebra, Germany, for a few snaps last year when Troja, a 16-year-old leopard, suddenly lashed out and bit her cheek, ear, and head.

The model, better known as Lady Butterfly, has become a passionate animal rights activist after getting over the horrific mauling she experienced while posing for a sensual photo session.

In Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany, the model has now transformed a plot of land into a secure area for rescue animals.

Troja, the leopard which attacked Jessica, along with Paris, another leopard living in the enclosure who is 18 years old, had previously appeared on TV in an advertisement for the global electronics firm Panasonic.

However, they were eventually relocated to the 850 square meters (9,150 square foot) retirement home in the German village of Wangen, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, where the attack happened.

After being rushed to the hospital with severe wounds, Jessica underwent surgery and reportedly spent two weeks recovering.

She then pleaded with the authorities not to kill the animal, saying, "I don't want the animal to be killed, it just followed its instincts," instead of harboring resentment.

After the horrible event that left her permanently damaged, more than a year later, she said, "I have scars. I often see double vision. But I've learned to live with it."

It was later disclosed by the animal rights activist that she had recently opened an animal sanctuary for birds and small mammals. She mentioned that her 62-year-old mother, Juana, was also associating with her.

Jessica claimed to have leased a vast area of land for the animal sanctuary.

She said, "I leased a piece of land half the size of a football field - with mature nut, apple, and conifer trees."

An enclosure was reportedly built by Jessica to protect local animals.

"These are animals without a lobby. I want to pick them up here," she added.

An injured common leopard roars as Pakis
Representation image. TARIQ MAHMOOD/AFP via Getty Images

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